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  • Candidates for the Colombian Presidency Attended a Debate

    Candidates for the Colombian Presidency Attended a Debate

    On Monday, presidential candidates Gustavo Petro (Historical Pact), Sergio Fajardo (Hope Center Coalition) and Federico Gutierrez (Team for Colombia) held a debate focused on some topics of interest to Colombians.


    Six Candidates Dispute the Presidency of Colombia On May 29

    A few days before the May 29 elections, they explained their policy proposals so that Colombians have detailed information when they vote.


    Gustavo Petro proposes "territorializing health," that is, deploying medical personnel to remote regions. His policy strategy will be based on prevention. He will set up a fund to directly distribute resources to public and private entities, thus seeking to avoid financial intermediation. He also promised to develop the Colombian pharmaceutical industry.

    Sergio Fajardo said that his administration will review the role of the Health Promotion Entities (EPS) but will not eliminate them. He also promised to improve the working conditions of health personnel and strengthen health-related research.

    Federico Gutierrez will base his administration on a model of health prevention and the fight against corruption. He declared himself in favor of monitoring the EPS so that they fulfill their function.

    Commenting on the presidential debate, the tweet reads, "And this was the precise moment that Gustavo Petro became President of the Republic."


    Gustavo Petro will carry out a tax reform to provide subsidies to mothers who are heads of households and poor older adults. To finance the pension system, he will not use the financial resources of citizens who currently save in a pension fund.

    Federico Gutierrez proposes to reform the pension system to eliminate subsidies for people with higher incomes and channel subsidies towards the poorest citizens. In the event that a pension reform is necessary, he would respect the rights acquired by pensioners.

    Sergio Fajardo said he promised to finance an income of US$126 for all Colombians over 65 who today do not have a pension.


    Gustavo Petro will foster national unity by promoting the rights of historically marginalized populations and victims of violence. He promised to empower society to transform the situation through "social forgiveness".

    Federico Gutierrez will maintain a "permanent dialogue" with different sectors. However, he will not seek to reunite the population through "social forgiveness" or the inclusion of people prosecuted for crimes. He will respect social protests but not blockades. "No more hate speech and class struggle," he said.

    Sergio Fajardo said that he will unite the country avoiding polarization and "behaving" to set an example.

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