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  • Cristina Fernandez Criticizes Argentine Media Hate Speech

    Cristina Fernandez Criticizes Argentine Media Hate Speech

    On Monday, Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner broke the silence she had kept since the assassination attempt that took place on September 1.


    Another Person Linked to the Attack Against CFK Identified

    Through social networks, she linked Clarin's editorial with the hate speech that promotes attacks against leftist leaders and continues to set the local political environment on fire.

    In a tweet, she posted the newspaper's front page and highlighted "The Bullet That Did Not Come Out and the Ruling That Will Come Out", a title playing with words to insinuate that justice is being used to prompt the collective belief that there was an assassination attempt.

    The attack on Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner occurred in a context of strong political tension that increased when a prosecutor requested that she be sentenced to 12 years in prison and barred from holding public office for life.

    On Monday, Judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti began preparing the formal start of the legal process against Fernando Sabag-Montiel and his partner Brenda Uliarte, who were linked to the attempted murder of Fernandez-Kirchner.

    The tweet reads, "Last Minute. They report attempted murder against Argentina's Vice President Cristina Fernandez-Kirchner in front of her residence."

    The investigation has led to both being charged with attempted aggravated homicide due to the use of weapons, premeditation, and treachery. The investigations continue to throw up new evidence that would further complicate Sabag-Montiel's legal situation.

    Videos analyzed by forensic experts have shown that the 35-year-old Brazilian citizen knew how to operate the semi-automatic Bersa with which he pointed it at Cristina's face.

    In one of these videos, Sabag-Montiel tries to reload the gun by raking the slide, which rules out the initial hypotheses according to which he did not know how to use the gun.

    For this reason, experts currently maintain that the shots could not be fired because the slide got stuck. This was previously corroborated by a witness who indicated that Sabag-Montiel did attempt to rake the slide when he realized the chamber did not contain a bullet.

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