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  • Day of Actions Against Blockade on Cuba in Several Countries

    Day of Actions Against Blockade on Cuba in Several Countries

    The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) informed that this Sunday an international day of actions is being held for the end of the economic and genocidal blockade imposed by the United States (U.S.) on the Caribbean country.


    Bridges of Love in Another Gesture of Solidarity With Cuba

    According to the entity, in several U.S. cities the population joined in a new caravan to establish a bridge of love between both countries; and demand to President Joe Biden the end of coercive measures against the nation, which negatively affects the welfare of families.

    In Miami, the coordinator of the solidarity project Puentes de Amor, Carlos Lazo, pointed out that this is the 23rd consecutive monthly caravan held in the city to show support for the people of the island and to demand an end to the illegal blockade.

    In this regard, Lazo pointed out that, although the regulations announced on May 16 by the U.S. presidency enhance the resumption of the family reunification program, the lifting of limits on remittances and the facilitation of travel for U.S. citizens, there is still a lack of actions to mitigate the impact of the blockade on Cuba.

    Likewise, from countries such as Panama, Denmark, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Bahamas, Brazil, Uruguay, Belize, Argentina, Spain, Canada and other regions, messages in favor of the normalization of ties between Washington and Havana were received.

    For his part, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel expressed his gratitude to all the friends of the Caribbean nation who showed their solidarity and demanded the end of the blockade in different latitudes.

    A thousand times thanks to the friends who have joined this Sunday in more than twenty cities around the world to demand the end of the Blockade to Cuba.
    The #BridgesOfLove are indestructible, they reach our Island overcoming any obstacle. Solidarity cannot be blocked.


    At the same time, the population in several regions in Cuba joined the initiatives in favor of the lifting of the financial blockade imposed against the nation.

     Thus, with banners and posters, a march was held in the city of Matanzas to advocate the establishment of bridges of love, peace, solidarity, and brotherhood between neighboring nations.

    According to the Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, the blockade is the main obstacle to the development of the nation; with damages quantifiable at more than 1,3 billion dollars spanning the six decades of application of the hostile policy.

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