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  • IX Summit of the Americas, a Failure -Cuban FM

    IX Summit of the Americas, a Failure -Cuban FM

    Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela were excluded from the Summit being held the week of June 6-10 in Los Angeles, United States, under the accusation of not respecting the Democratic Charter of the Americas.

    Open Letter in US Newspaper Calls For Cuba Policy Change

    The Cuban Foreign Minister said via Twitter that "President [Miguel] Díaz-Canel announced that he would not participate in the Los Angeles Summit. It was Cuba's firm decision if ALL did not receive an invitation on an equal footing. The event is already a neoliberal and Monroist failure that isolates and disconnects the U.S. from Our America. Pressure and blackmail are known." 

    The country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement of the Cuban government rejecting Washington's exclusionary maneuvers as part of the "effort to apply the Monroe Doctrine and promote exclusion as a weapon of division, based on clear political, electoral and domination interests."

    "It is not possible to speak of the Americas without including all the countries that make up the hemisphere. What our region demands is cooperation, not exclusion; solidarity, not meanness; respect, not arrogance; sovereignty and self-determination, not subordination", the note says.

    Cuba described the IX Summit of the Americas as a forum of imperialist domination and exclusion, according to a statement by the Revolutionary Government released this Monday by the Foreign Ministry.

    Noting that the U.S. refused to heed the "just demands of numerous governments to change this discriminatory and unacceptable position," the document says that "there is not a single reason that justifies the undemocratic and arbitrary exclusion of any country in the hemisphere from this continental meeting."

    In it, the Cuban government accused the White House of preventing "uncomfortable truths" from being heard at the Summit. "The U.S. government once again opted for exclusion as a resource to try to achieve an event without concrete contributions, but profitable for the image of imperialism," the communiqué says. 

    It also reiterated Cuba's respect and gratitude to all governments that defended the participation of all, under equal conditions. Likewise, the Cuban government expressed its willingness to support efforts to promote hemispheric integration based on civilized coexistence, peace, respect for diversity, and solidarity. 

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