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  • Lula Proposes the Amazon as the Venue for COP30 in 2025

    Lula Proposes the Amazon as the Venue for COP30 in 2025

    On Wednesday, Brazil's President-elect Lula da Silva announced that he will petition the United Nations for the Amazon to host the 2025 Climate Change Conference (COP30).


    Brazil’s Lula Meets With US and Chinese Envoys at COP27

    "We will ask that the COP30 be held in Brazil," he said, adding that the states of Amazonas or Para have the conditions to host an event of such magnitude.

    During a meeting with the governors of the Amazon states, Lula expressed that it is important that rainforest defenders and climate activists "can get to know the Amazon up close."

    "I’m here in front of all of you to tell you that Brazil is back... Brazil can’t be isolated as it was in the last four years," he added to emphasize that his administration will resume multilateral environmental cooperation and diplomacy.

    Lula drew one of the liveliest crowds at the COP27 talks in Sharm el-Sheikh. "As he entered the room, they sang to the tune of soccer chants: 'Olé, Olé, Olé, Lula Lula!'," Bloomberg reported, adding that his promise to save the Amazon gave Lula a hero's welcome at COP27.

    The tweet reads, "One of those scenes that fills us with pride! Lula arriving at COP27."

    On Wednesday, during a speech given at the COP27, Lula analyzed the current international situation and its implications for environmental governance.

    "At every moment, the planet is warning us that we need each other to survive and that we are vulnerable to climate tragedy if we remain alone. However, we ignore the warnings. We spend trillions of dollars on wars that only cause destruction and deaths, while 900 millions of people are hungry," he said.

    "We live in a time of multiple crises: growing geopolitical tensions, risk of nuclear war, food and energy supply crises, loss of biodiversity, intolerable increase in inequalities... In these are difficult times, we need more confidence and determination. We need more leadership to reverse the increase in global warming," Lula pointed out.

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