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  • Nicaragua Celebrates Defeat of Walker's 1856 Colonizing Attempt

    Nicaragua Celebrates Defeat of Walker's 1856 Colonizing Attempt

    On September 14, Nicaragua commemorates the battle that took place at the San Jacinto estate in 1856, when Gen. Jose Dolores Estrada and 180 patriots defeated 300 mercenaries hired by William Walker, a U.S. filibuster who intended to turn Central America into a colony.


    Cuban Minister Praises International Solidarity

    Due to the importance that this battle had in Central American history, Nicaraguans carry out parades and patriotic acts to celebrate the anniversary of their "second independence." Each year, students also commit to the sovereignty of their country.

    A column of 60 Matagalpa Indigenous people, armed with bows and arrows, were present during the battle, with a bravery in combat that made a decisive difference in favor of the patriotic forces. In honor of their feat, the Nicaraguan Congress in 2012 declared the "Indigenous Archers of Matagalpa" as national heroes.

    Although Walker managed to proclaim himself president of Nicaragua, he was unable to recover from the defeat that occurred in San Jacinto, a strategically important area for being between the large lakes Cocibolca and Xolotla.

    Driven by the "Manifest Destiny" doctrine, this U.S. mercenary continued to organize military expeditions into Central America with the intention of establishing private colonies. On Sept. 12, 1860, however, Walker was executed by a platoon of the Honduran army.

    The tweet reads, "An unprecedented gesture in Nicaraguan history. President Daniel Ortega dancing with the students and enjoying the homeland parade while it rains!"

    On Wednesday, Nicaragua's President Daniel Ortega led the parade on the eve of the 166th anniversary of the San Jacinto Battle. He swore before the national flag accompanied by students, who reaffirmed their commitment to the development of the Nicaraguan nation.

    “We swear to God, to the country, to our families and to our national heroes that we will continue studying with a vocation and spirit of service to fulfill our personal dreams and contribute to the development of our country,” he said.

    Subsequently, the historic leader of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) took part in other acts and street events that continued into the night.

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