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  • Venezuelan Authorities Investigate Electrical Sabotage

    Venezuelan Authorities Investigate Electrical Sabotage

    The Venezuelan Government denounced this Saturday a new sabotage to the National Electric System (SEN), which affected several sectors of the capital, Caracas, and informed that investigations are being carried out to bring those responsible to justice.


    Venezuela Condemns Blockade’s Impact on the Educational Sector

    In a message published through the social network Twitter, the sectorial vice-president of Public Works and Services and Minister of Electric Energy, Néstor Reverol, said that there was a failure in the Pan-American Substation due to the explosion of a power transformer.

    He added that the explosion was caused by the impact of a bullet, "which evidences the sabotage and the continuity of the electric war. We will provide more details in the next few hours", he said.

    He pointed out that the affected areas of the Libertador municipality included Nueva Granada, San Pedro, Santa Mónica, Los Chaguaramos and part of Fuerte Tiuna, and stressed that workers of the sector "carried out the maneuvers recovering one hundred percent of the load".

    "The failure was due to the explosion of a power transformer affected by bullet impact, which evidences the sabotage and the continuity of the electric war. In the next hours we will give more details," he wrote in an informative thread.

    For his part, the Minister for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, communicated through Twitter that "the investigation is being extended to find those responsible for these terrorist acts" and in the shortest possible time "to bring them to justice".

    We inform the people of Caracas that there was a fault in the Pan-American Substation that feeds the sectors of Nueva Granada, San Pedro, Santa Mónica, Los Chaguaramos and part of Fort Tiuna. The crews of #Corpoelec carry out maneuvers to restore service.

    Previously, Venezuelan authorities have reiterated that the sabotages to the SEN are part of the hybrid war declared by the violent sector of the local right wing and its supporters outside the country, among them the U.S. Government.

    This would seek to deteriorate the living conditions of the people, so that they withdraw their support to Nicolas Maduro and bring about a change of Government.

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