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  • 8 Crypto debit cards you can use in Africa

    8 Crypto debit cards you can use in Africa

    But, due to risks associated with crypto assets, most African countries are yet to dip their legs into the crypto world. First, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. And this is the biggest turn-off for most businesses. Secondly, adopting crypto as a legal tender comes with some legal ramifications. And these ramifications can be too much work and tedious to work around.  

    Crypto adoption has been facing a hard time in Africa for some time now. And yet, some crypto debit cards have made it easier for Africans to use crypto. Cardholders can use crypto with these debit cards even without the retailers’ knowledge. 

    But how do these debit cards achieve this so easily? By converting the crypto either before or immediately during transactions to fiat currency. Therefore, you can use these cards anywhere and anytime when making your purchases.

    Here is the list of crypto debit cards you can use to make payments in Africa.  

    1. Club Swan  

    Club Swan card is so much different from other crypto debit cards out there. In most cases, crypto debit cards are mainly issued by crypto exchanges. But the Club Swan business card is a product of a members club. The club provides an exquisite experience via physical debit cards if you’re a member. Even better, you get to enjoy exclusive deals from selected merchants and partners.  

    However, these benefits vary with your type of membership. These types of memberships are Starter, Premier, VIP, and Chairman.  

    To apply for a debit card, head to the club Swan website and follow all the required steps. After verifying your application, your card will get shipped right away. The shipping can take from one to two weeks. On top of that, you get a virtual account. Here you get access to your crypto wallet, two bank accounts, and a digital version of your card.  

    And thanks to this crypto wallet, you can hold multiple cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies include popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum.  

    Additionally, if you are a holder of the Club Swan membership card, you get to enjoy amazing benefits. These benefits include fantastic discounts when you use your card. And remarkable rewards when you refer friends or family. 

    However, only 14 African countries can apply for this card so far. These countries include:  

    • Kenya 
    • Angola 
    • Comoros 
    • Egypt 
    • Tunisia
    • Lesotho  
    • Mozambique  
    • South Africa
    • Nigeria
    • Namibia 
    • Reunion 
    • Tanzania
    • Morocco
    • Eswatini 

    2. Uquid

    In 2016 Tran Hung, a fintech developer, founded Uquid. After a successful ICO (Initial Card Offering), the company raised more than $17 million in 2017. Although its headquarters are in the U.K., Africans can still reap its benefits. These benefits include the ability to settle bills buy vouchers tickets. And even buy telephone airtime.  

    Additionally, you get the ability to hold more than 50 different cryptocurrencies. And these coins include popular cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Even better, you get to enjoy the virtual and the physical copy of your crypto debit card. 

    And you can use this debit card in most African countries.

    3. Paycent 

    Paycent is a service launched in 2016 by two partners, Techcent and BlockCypher. BlockCypher provides blockchain architecture solutions, while Techcent is a payment startup. Paycent service was mainly developed as a digital wallet. Thus its main purpose was to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrency.  

    To use Paycent services, you need to install their app from Apple Store or Google Play store. And thanks to this app, you can accept payments, fund your debit card and even convert crypto to fiat. Also, you can use the app to apply and order your debit card. And since Paycent is MasterCard supported, you can make ATM withdrawals in over 200 countries. Also, like most debit cards, Paycent supports numerous cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

    Besides Cryptocurrencies, Paycent allows you to hold and trade precious metals-silver and gold. 

    One incredible security feature of this card is ability to make uniquely different virtual cards. Therefore you can allocate a specific virtual card to a specific merchant. This way, you improve on the security and the convenience when transacting. And if transactions are recurring, the more you get to enjoy its convenience. 

    Paycent was specifically built for the Asian market. So it easily supports other payments methods like Alipay, Crypto, and WeChat.  

    And like Uquid, you can get your Paycent debit card shipped to almost any African country. 

    4. Advcash 

    Advcash is an online processor based in Russia. This company has been on the market for over two decades now. And one of the ways Advcash allows you to fund your debit card is through crypto.  

    Advcash doesn’t support crypto. And thanks to a partnership with Binance, it can support crypto indirectly. Therefore, to fund your debit card with crypto, you’ll have to be a Binance user. And it’s only this way you can link an Advcash account to your Binance wallet.  

    Besides, Advcash supports both MasterCard and Visa. So you can choose either when applying for a debit card. With these options, you can make ATM withdrawals almost anywhere globally.

    Right now, there are only a few countries where you can ship an Advcash debit card. But this number continues to rise with the increase of Crypto adoption in Africa. 

    5. Cryptopay 

    Crptopay was primarily founded as a crypto digital wallet in 2013 by George Basiladze and Dmitry Gunyashov. And recently, it started issuing debit cards that are crypto-funded.  

    Once you sign up for your debit card, you first get your virtual card. And then, you can wait as your physical card gets shipped. With a Cryptopay virtual debit card, you can make your online purchasing seamless.  

    Cryptopay, however, only allows popular cryptocurrencies when funding your debit card. These cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. Also, you can only convert your crypto to the British pound, U.S. dollar, and Euro when purchasing.  

    Some of the African countries where you can ship this card include: 

    • South Africa 
    • Seychelles 
    • Reunion 

    6. Cryptereum 

    Cryptereum is an Estonia-based company. Gleb Markov, Austin Kimm, and Vladimir Gorbungy founded this company in 2017.  

    The Cryptereum crypto debit cards only support 20 different cryptocurrencies. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies in this list include Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Additionally, this crypto debit card is Visa Supported.  

    Up to now, Cryptereum serves about 40 countries worldwide.  

    7. Monolith  

    Monolith debit card is an extension of the Monolith digital wallet. And unlike many other crypto debit cards, the Monolith debit card is unique in nature. It allows users to spend Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain.  

    Also, this is the only Ethereum based debit card that is being shipped to Africa so far. And the only Africans that are benefiting from are Reunion and Ghana.

    8. Xapo  

    Wences Casares founded Xapo in 2014. It was primarily meant to offer storage solutions to Bitcoin investors. However, in 2021 Xapo bank launched its debit card. The Xapo debit card, unlike many crypto debit cards, only support Bitcoin. Furthermore, Xapo bank is a member of MasterCard and Visa. Therefore, you can use this card in over 200 countries worldwide.  

    By using your Xapo debit card for purchases, you earn a 1.1% cashback reward. Moreover, you get to enjoy free monthly withdrawals of up to $100. And any amount above this amount you get charged 2%.  

    Some countries where you can ship your Xapo debit card in Africa are: 

    • Angola  
    • Kenya 
    • Morocco
    • Guinea  
    • Gambia 
    • Eritrea  
    • Ethiopia 
    • Egypt 

    Now that you know some crypto debit cards that you can use in Africa, you can choose one for your crypto spending. However, you might want to consider some essential factors like fees before applying. At this point, only a few companies ship their crypto debit cards to Africa. But this number will certainly increase with increased crypto adoption in African countries.

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