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  • Takealot ’employs’ robot workers with collection time of three minutes

    Takealot ’employs’ robot workers with collection time of three minutes

    A new pick-up point in Richmond Park, Cape Town, for Takealot will see robots assisting shoppers. These robots have an average collection time of just three minutes, changing the game in a new way.

    A new facility with new technology for Takealot

    Takealot is South Africa’s largest online retailer. Recently, it halted collection offerings from its Cape Town distribution centre. Takealot then moved over to a new facility in Richmond Park.

    The new pick-up point is equipped with amazing technological advancements. It is said that these advancements offer customers a seamless collection experience. 

    Shoppers will now be able to collect their parcels from a customer-facing area. Warehouse transport and delivery systems in this area are done by automated guided vehicles (AGV).

    Online retailer uses AGVs for a consumer-facing environment

    The AGVs have only been used in non-consumer-facing environments around the world. For the first time, the AGVs will be delivering parcels into the hands of customers at the Richmond Park pick-up point.

    Takealots decision to use AGVs follows an increase in demands for pick-ups or the usage of the click-and-collect option. Through this method, customers are also able to save on delivery costs. 

    AGVs offer staff support and create a fully-automated experience for shoppers

    They can also collect their parcels from Takealot at a time that is convenient for them. In a statement, Takealot said the collection experience is still personal. Adding that AGVs are a big support to its staff.

    “With an average collection time of just three minutes, these ‘little robot helpers’ guarantee safe transport of packages from behind the scene into shoppers’ hands,”

    Takealot said.

    The AGVs are an important aspect of the logistics chain at the Richmond Park pick-up point. The fully-automated experience has helped in boosting productivity, Takealot revealed.

    Other tech features at the pick-up point include name recognition, hassle-free returns done quickly and advanced sigh-in capabilities.

    Passwords may be a thing of the past as tech giants look at alternatives

    Apple, Microsoft and Google revealed their plans to get rid of passwords. The aim is to replace them with a more secure way to access devices and accounts. The US-based tech giants released the joint announcement on Thursday, 5 May.

    They are aiming to have a common standard that will allow users to unlock their mobile phones with either facial recognition or fingerprints. Microsoft Vice-President Alex Simons says the complete shift to a passwordless world will begin with consumers making it a natural part of their lives. Read the full story here.

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