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  • Why Wondershare Filmora is catching everyone’s eye

    Why Wondershare Filmora is catching everyone’s eye

    A subpart of this designing field is the video editing industry. Since the pandemic hit and more and more people were subjected to their homes learning new things, a lot of people took up video editing. Although not all of them were looking to make a career in it, some were just following a hobby.

    If you know even remotely about video editing, then you will know that the journey starts with learning an editing software. A video editor is a collection of tools to assist you in making changes to the video according to your need. As the industry was already established, there were a lot of options people would look into and start trying out. However, since last year a certain software has grabbed everyone’s attention, Wondershare Filmora. We are here to talk about how Filmora is being taken up by more and more professionals and beginners and what is the reason for it. Here’s why Wondershare Filmora is catching everyone’s eye.

    Basic features

    Most of the time, video editors need to make some basic corrections or changes to the video before they move on to the more complex part of the editing. The basic things that we are mentioning are supposed to be applied to all the videos in the project. So, you will be using these basic features the most when you are editing your videos.

    Having a good set of basic features allows for Filmora to take a lot of hard work from the hands of the editors. Filmora is working towards automating the basic editing so editors can focus themselves on the more complex deal of things. A solid collection of basic features attract a lot of pros, and on top of that, quality of life features like an inbuilt screen recorder add to the appeal. Here are some of the features you should know about:

    • Color match tool

    When you have multiple videos shot in different lighting or from different angles and your job is to compile them together, then color matching all the videos becomes essential. It becomes essential because you will want all the videos to look similar to maintain the mood of the video throughout. If you start doing the work manually, it may take a huge chunk of your time, as in big projects, there may be more than 100 videos present.

    However, with Filmora’s color match feature, you can do the job fairly quickly. Color matching tool allows you to match the color of the currently selected clip to the reference clip and create a consistent look on the timeline.

    • Green screen composite tool

    Video editors constantly have to work with footage recorded over a green screen. If you are working with a streamer or a content creator, then it becomes an everyday job for the editor to remove the green screen and do the editing according to the need. By removing the green screen, we mean digitally removing or “keying out” the green screen behind the subject so a background of choice can be added.

    Filmora is very reliable when it comes to working with green screen footage. Layering scenes in Filmora is a very easy process. To complete the process, just follow the following steps, and you will be good to go.

    • Import the footage.
    • Adjust the green screen settings according to your liking.
    • Position the background-clip to fit with the subject perfectly and make the other necessary changes.
    • Export the video.

    It’s that simple, no searching for online tutorials on “how to key out green screen,” then spending hours of your time nit-picking each setting to get the perfect removal and doing that all over again for the next video.

    • Motion tracking

    Although you may not use motion tracking in every video, it is a great tool to have in your arsenal as you can create some great effects to make videos more engaging. In other software, motion tracking is something that annoys editors as you have to track the object frame by frame, and that takes a lot of patience. Even if there are automated motion tracking tools, they are not very precise.

     Well, if that’s the case for you as well, then don’t worry. You’ve got Filmora. Filmora tracks moving objects or people in the video, which you can then use to enhance the video with motion tracking images, videos, texts, and elements. Its automated tracker intelligently tracks moving objects making the process precise and efficient.

    You won’t have to worry about forgetting timestamps or adjusting the tracker every frame. Just let the software do its job, and you just sit back and enjoy. After you have your tracked path, you can then allow any element like texts, images, etc., to follow the path, i.e., the subject you have tracked.

    Advanced features

    Although basic features are necessary for a solid video editor, what makes a software stand out from the others are the advanced features that they offer to its users. These features may be used in very specific videos, but when they are used, they make it a whole lot easier to perform actions that would’ve been a nightmare otherwise. There are some brand new additions to Filmora, which include exciting features like:

    • Speed Ramping
    • Masking
    • Auto Beat Sync
    • Auto Synchronization
    • Instant Mode
    • 3rd-Part stock Media(Supported by OpenFX and NewBlue FX)
    • Wondershare Drive


    You are getting top-notch features that are not available anywhere else. On top of that, a user interface that is easy to use but is effective for even professionals to use. You might be guessing that the pricing of the software will be very expensive. Well, We’ll be very happy to tell you that you’re wrong. 

    The pricing factor of Filmora is another reason why beginners and professionals are opting for the software. Unlike the other industry giants like Adobe Premiere Pro, which offers similar if not fewer features, put up a price tag that is expensive even if you are a professional. For beginners opting for Premiere Pro is simply not recommended. 

    Filmora’s pricing structure is really easy to understand and honestly is affordable for most users. You can download Filmora Pro for free and use the free trial first. After you are satisfied, you have two options: going for the monthly subscription or the perpetual subscription, which is basically a one-time fee. Our recommendation is to go for the perpetual subscription as it is not much and gives you access to all of Filmora’s content for a lifetime. Spending $150 on such a good deal is definitely worth it.


    After reading the article, you might’ve guessed why people are switching to this software. With a great community and regular support from the developers, this software will reach new heights. Filmora is getting new updates regularly and is getting induced with features that make the life of an editor easier and easier. If you are a beginner, we definitely recommend this software to start your journey with, and professionals should make the switch as well; it will be worth it.

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